The Bantu Society

According to, The Bantu’s art consists of music. Their music is mostly played in ceremonies and is played on the drums. They pass on their history through word of mouth and stories passed down from generations through songs.
Married Bantu women wear head scarves, but not for religious reasons. They wear them as Americans wear wedding rings. Some of their outfits are only worn for special occasions, such as a wedding or a funeral. Bantu men in refugee camps wear button down shirts and the traditional wrap around cloth on their waist; although younger men in hard working jobs are more likely to wear pants than the traditional cloth. Some Bantu men also wear a Muslim cap or sometimes even a turban.
A common food for the Bantu is a thick soup called maize. Other foods include fruits, vegetables and nuts. Rice and spaghetti have also become common. They go fishing and trade for milk and meat from nomads. They also hunt and brew their own beverages, such as a sort of alcoholic beverage and different teas. Certain organizations would like to provide cereals hot and cold to the Bantu refugees. They have also grown their own fruits and vegetables.
The Bantu are a family oriented civilization; they wish to better their families by protecting and helping their children excel. They are also hard working and are willing to sacrifice to give them the best life possible. The Bantu have been described as very resourceful and clever with many skills. Their hard work is also evident in the refugee camps. They are humble and hospitable. They are also known for being able to adapt and adjust to almost any situation.